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  • A primary goal of AMIkids is to have a safe working environment for all employees and youth.  Courses in this module will focus on essential effective workplace safety training guidelines to keep employees and youth safe and free from hazards.
  • This course is to be completed by a new Director of Education or Educational Coordinator after completing the General Orientation Course.
  • This is the introductory course for new teachers within AMIkids schools. This course should follow successful completion of the General New Employee Orientation course.
  • The courses in this section are designed to provide team members with an overview of the AMIkids Behavior Modification System.
  • This course contains the training models for the PGM. Each of the modules draws upon information from the previous module so please complete them in order.

  •  This training is designed for individuals looking to increase their professional knowledge on topics related to working with youth in alternative education, juvenile justice and group home/foster care settings. 

  • The AMIkids Leadership University provides training for all mid-level managers (or employees in a supervisory role). Training will focus on developing supervisory leadership skills as well basic management training. Participants will receive training that will give them the tools they need to be more effective in their current role and prepare them for future leadership positions within AMIkids.

  • Designed for women in managerial positions who desire to enhance their leadership skills and professional development opportunities.
  • This course provides latest data and statistics on at-risk youth as well as video clips to provide more information.
  • In this course you will learn how to collect data on your competencies using a competency assessment tool. The information you gather from this tool will be critical to developing a comprehensive competency based development plan.
  • Clinical trainings may be generalized to staff in various states and program modalities. While many are geared toward the mental health professional, most trainings can benefit all program staff.

    Many of these courses are required in various Florida programs. Refer to your program's training requirements. 

  • Resources to assist Executive Directors to achieve program excellence.

  • This training provides an overview of the key components of the AMIkids  Standards. It is required that all new and existing staff take these short courses and pass final tests with designated course proficiency requirements.
  • Learning modules in this course focuses on the professional competencies required to provide mental health and case management services to youth and families in AMIkids' programs. 

  • AMIkids Student Information System (SIS).
  • All Buisness Managers & Administrative Assistants must successfully complete online Business Manager testing in the areas of; Microsoft Excel and Outlook, Business Writing, and Accounting terminology.  The courses in this section are designed to demonstrate your proficiency in these areas.

  • Training in this section is designed for the following program positions: Program Manager, Director of Operations, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Team Leader/Shift Supervisor, Behavior Interventionist.

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